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Fine Art Giclée Photographic Prints


Our Giclée photo print studio brings together more than 20 years experience in traditional photographic printing, with the technological advancements of inkjet technologies, including a wonderful array of photo papers for you to choose from. If you’re a lover of fibre-based papers, there are now specialist Baryta papers for pigment ink printing, offering a gloriously retro look. Or for the classic painterly look of watercolour paper, we have both handmade and other cost-effective options for you to choose from. See Giclée papers for more information about our current range: all our papers have been thoroughly tested for colour, density and tone.


Canvas printing is an increasingly popular way of turning a photograph or artwork into a wall-ready, textured object for sale or personal use. We print directly onto high quality real artist cotton canvas, achieving high quality vibrant canvas prints from your images by using a UV true pigment ink system, on our Epson 9900 and 11880 output devices, which provide long-lasting lightfast canvas prints. Sizes available are 10 x 8 to 44 x 33 inches in stock but we can produce larger dimensions if required.


Professional Premier  Service


The Premier print service is aimed at clients who need more input than a simple on-screen check. This service begins with a meeting to establish the parameters of the brief. You are introduced to a production manager and printer, both of whom will stay with you for the duration of the job and indeed for the duration of your time working with Bloom Co Ltd. The dialogue between yourself and the printer extends beyond the initial brief and emails and calls are passed back and forth over the duration of production..


Online photo printing


If you are happy to fully prepare your own file ready for printing and do not need the help of one of our technicians then use Bloom's online printing service. We offer Giclee prints and mounting. All you have to do is prepare your files by following the step-by-step Bloom's file perperation and then all you need to do is send your files to us via weTransfer or email them to us.

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