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Photographic mounting is the latest word in photographic exhibitions. Although mounting to card was common for framing photographs for more than a hundred years, other modern materials such as foamboard, foamex and aluminium have become very popular for their archival stability. We recommend archival photographic materials listed below for any artworks that you would like to see last for a very long time.


Our bespoke framing service gives you the choice of the classic photo frame in either oak veneer, black or white smooth wood, in either narrow or wide settings. The photo frame comes with or without window mounts and uses Water White Float glass in 2mm and 3mm thicknesses giving optimum colour rendition. Your photo print will be mounted on foamboard to keep it smooth and supplied with D-rings for hanging..

Photographic Non Archival Mounting 



Photographic mounting is a great way to present your photographs for exhibitions or at home. Non-archival surfaces such as MDF and foamex are prized for durability, MDF for rigidity, foamboard for lightweight versatility. Each material has its own ideal circumstances, so please feel free to contact us if you would like some advice. You can also read more about each material here.

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