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BLOOM DIGITAL PRO LAB & STUDIO is a Fine Art Printmaking studio that utilizes state-of-the-art printing technology. We produce fine art Giclee pigment prints. The name Giclee is derived from the French verb gicler meaning 'to squirt'. A Giclee print is a high-resolution, archival quality digital print produced by the ink-jet process and is a recognized fine art printmaking method, just like lithographs and serigraphs.  Giclee prints render deep saturated colours and retain minute detail, subtle tints and blends.


Photography, pre and post-production of artwork, fine art reproduction, media planning, exhibition design, indoors and outdoor printing signage…. 


We strive for perfection, offer cutting-edge technology in equipment, software and experience. Our solutions are always tailor-made, and we work with our customers to provide professional guidance in order to ensure the final result is as envisioned, or better. With years of experience in servicing world-renowned photographers and high-end commercial business, we aim to bring out the best in each production we do. What matters to us is to excel with care, because we believe that printing is about the love of imagery.



Bloom Pro Lab is a high-end print lab focusing on quality and innovative solutions. We have many years of experience in state-of-the-art printing as well as high-end commercial solutions. Our staff are experienced in every phase of the printing cycle, and offer services in pre-and postproduction of artwork, fine art reproduction, media planning, exhibition design, indoors and outdoor printing signage. Depending on your project, you can sit down with one of our staff to work out the details of your printing order, fine-tune the last details of your brochure, or simply come and print out your prepared documents yourself. 


Our services include: 


  • Production budgeting

  • Pre & post-production

  • Brand identity & brand development 

  • Photography, both still & video

  • Photo-retouching & photo editing 

  • Graphic design & Illustration

  • High-end drum & flatbed scanning

  • Photo Restoration & Archiving

  • Exhibition planning & coordinating

  • Printing for indoor and outdoor

  • Fine Art printing

  • Education program


We combine state-of-the art printing and high-tech and effective production, with personal attendance and true expertise. 



We have produced prints for world-renowned photographers and artists for many years, with the desire to make their work stand out. These skills we apply equally, whether printing for commercial or artistic purposes. This has put us at the forefront of the printing industry, and the results are to be found at the walls of The Louvre, The Smithsonian Museum, Bangkok Cultural Center, Angkor Photo Festival, Rangoon Photographic Festival, and The Museum of Contemporary Art Thailand. 


Our clients include international and national brands such as Prada, Ray-Band, Swarovski, Air France, Air Berlin, Central Group, Epson, Jim Thomson, UOB Bank, Discovery Channel, the United Nations, UNICEF, CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species), Habit for Humanity, and Go Vacation.



We are situated in a charming side street in the business district of Silom, in walking distance from the Skytrain and easily assessable by car. Our office was created to be a welcoming atmosphere, with artwork on the walls, encouraging a creative and inspiring environment. With a total of 800 sqm we have our entire production line at the same premises, giving us the opportunity to work with our customers at every level of the production cycle. You’re always welcome to come and have a chat with us, enjoy a cup of coffee with like-minded people, and see some of the photo processing we’ve done for others.


We aim to create a community feel for our clients, creating a space to sit with your computer, have a cup of coffee or meet other like-minded people. For us the experience of printing starts with the first encounter.



Bloom Pro Lab was formed in 2008, targeting the high-end printing market in Thailand and the region. The lab started with a computer and very simple equipment, but quickly evolved with digital development and requests for technical equipment. A constant striving to be among the first-movers in the business and to keep up with requests for new techniques has positioned Blooms Pro Lab among some of the leading printers in the world, competing with printers in New York, Paris and Italy. Today the company has 5 high-end printers, which are capable of large format printing for both indoors and outdoor application. The company was founded by Mark Ogaslert CEO, who grew up and was educated in the US. He is fluent in English, Thai, and Chinese. Mark is also a part of the daily management and consults on assignments and products for customers on request. 




  • Canvas

  • Cotton Rag

  • Fibre-based RC paper

  • RC paper

  • Duratran 

  • Vinyl

  • Handmade paper by Awagami

  • Stickers

  • Laminating & mounting

  • Business cards

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